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ALL IN The Addicted Gambler's Podcast

Aug 2, 2022

Hugo is a Grateful recovered compulsive gambler and alcoholic

Over 25 years sober from alcohol, May 24, 1997 Over 22 years without gambling, April 13, 2000. Over 7 years of therapy. Now a motivational speaker, author, podcaster, recovery coach - talking about recovery, healing, emotional intelligence and life with Life Is Wonderful.Love. 

The 12 Steps Explained Course-  Creative and Innovative approach in explaining how The Steps work and getting more people excited and grateful for being an addict and stepping into recovery.  Step One – We Believed a Lie … all the way to Step Twelve   Faith, Hope, Love.


The 12 Steps Explained course is now available for purchase.  People can Recover faster, Work The Steps quicker and Gain Emotional Intelligence.

Life Is Wonderful.Love  For all social media and the podcast. Empowering People Through Self Awareness. Speaking at recovery centers, middle and high schools, universities and corporations. 

Sharing the beauty of The Steps and how The Steps can transform any life.  How we have the power inside us to become the better version of ourselves.  Contentment is the goal.  We are miracles of recovery.  Miracles of life.


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