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ALL IN The Addicted Gambler's Podcast

Feb 19, 2021

Matt Schoch is a writer for Play Michigan an affiliate website that provides news and updates on the gambling industry. 

TRIGGER WARNING- do not go to the website if you are in recovery

For anybody else who works in the gambling space it is an excellent source for all things gambling related in Michigan.

Matt is also the host of the Locked On Pistons podcast, a daily podcast covering my favorite NBA team. 

Matt joined the show to talk about problem gambling in Michigan, the gambling landscape in Michigan, and, of course, my nostalgia kicked in towards the end and we talked Detroit Sports. A true pleasure to watch a Detroit sports personality work a mic.

Matt on twitter @Matt_Schoch_

Me on Twitter @BrianHatchAllIn

Documentary about Emoni Bates

Please listen and learn from those who know. A better life without gambling.

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